Socialism 2017

socialism 2017 – 11 & 12 November

We need change

This world needs changing. Eight people own more wealth than the poorest 50% of the world’s population! That obscene inequality is the reality of what capitalism in crisis means for our lives in the 21st century.

Capitalism is a system where a tiny minority of people own the majority of the wealth and where a handful of companies dominate the economy. They do not suffer its consequences: poverty, low pay, poor education. Capitalism means environmental destruction and the catastrophe that brings for our health and that of future generations; it begets war and terror; and with capitalism comes racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination.

The politicians who defend this system – from Trump to May to the Blairites who attack Jeremy Corbyn – are incapable of solving the problems in our lives.

Millions of people are seeing the need to fight back – shown on  the historic Women’s Marches in 637 cities and towns across the world on the day after Trump’s inauguration. What ideas can help this movement become powerful enough to make the change that’s needed? What change is needed?

A socialist society would be able, through democratic planning the use of the world’s enormous wealth and resources, to provide decent jobs, homes and services for everyone.

Lessons for today from the 1917 Russian Revolution

At Socialism 2017 we will discuss the Russian Revolution 100 years ago. 1917 provides a powerful example of how it is possible for the working class and poor to take their destiny into their own hands and transform the world. We will be discussing the impact of the revolution, including on women’s rights, on art and technology, on people’s lives all across the world and also why the Soviet Union degenerated into dictatorship.

But Socialism 2017 will not be a history lesson! It is focused on the burning questions our movements face. How can we kick out the Tories? Can Jeremy Corbyn win? What role can workers and young people play in changing the world? Do we need parties? What about terrorism? How can we defeat racism, sexism, homophobia?

What is socialism? What is Marxism? Is a socialist revolution possible in our lifetime? Will it work this time? Is there an easier way to change the world?

Ideas for building our movement

One theme of the weekend will be the question of uniting the workers’ and socialist movement internationally to build a powerful force that is capable of changing the world. International speakers and visitors from the Socialist Party’s sister parties in the Committee for a Workers’ international will attend. The CWI is in the process of unifying with Izquierda Revolucionaria on the basis of Marxist ideas.

Socialism 2017 will bring together working class fighters, trade unionists and youth and student activists, anti-cuts campaigners, those who want to find out about socialism and Marxism, and people who want to change the world, for a weekend of discussion and debate on the alternative to capitalist crisis.

  • Lessons of the Russian Revolution for today
  • Corbyn, Labour, and the fight for a working class political voice
  • Protectionism and free trade
  • Marxism – ideas to change the world
  • What do socialists say about Brexit
  • Building solidarity, defending refugees, fighting deportations
  • The working class, the gig economy and technology
  • Global capitalist crisis, conflict and revolution
  • The NHS and the battle against privatisation
  • Will we see socialism in our lifetimes?
  • Fighting discrimination –racism, sexism, caste oppression, homophobia
  • Crisis in trade unionism – can they turn left?
  • Environmental crisis in the age of Trump
  • and more!

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